Find out why you
should trust us. 
Get to know the key values, philosophy and the Alufab team better and convince yourself that it is worth cooperating with us. The foundation of our company are specialists with many years of experience in window and door production.
Some unique values that distinguish Alufab.

We have international
experience through realizations
carried out, among others, in Poland,
Germany and Russia.

We know our customers’ needs,
because we ourselves are active
in the construction and real estate market.

We systematically train our employees
because we care about their development. Their
knowledge increases the quality level of the finished product.

We have a specific cooperation cycle that
works in a business situation –
whether for an individual or

We use aluminium systems
delivered by market leaders,
i.e. Schüco, Aluprof, Aliplast or Yawal.

We provide a comprehensive service
we support the customer right from the selection
product, through dimensions and production,
and ending with assembly.

We combine an innovative approach with experience
gained over the years.
Good windows are one of the most important elements of a house. They give
individual character and design of the building, connecting the inside of the house with the the outside world. The high standard of Alufab products is a combination of warmth, silence and exclusive aesthetics in a solid and elegant way. They provide comfort while being safe to use.
Aluminium window and door systems enjoy the greatest popularity in the implementation of our projects
aluminium window and door systems, however, the offer of Alufab solutions also includes a whole range of products of
The offer of Alufab solutions, however, also includes a whole range of products of various structure and external appearance, including a number of individual solutions:
Facades aluminium and glass facades
Aluminum woodwork openings
Elements architecture interiors
Walls partitions
Shop windows and showcases
Doors and showcases fire protection
Cashier boxes
Construction staircases and lifts
We are a member of the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Find out what benefits this can bring you.
Membership in AHK Polska is an opportunity for Alufab to gain valuable experience, knowledge and to establish new business relations.
Having access to up-to-date market data and industry information from Poland and Germany, we gain knowledge and have influence on the development of market
market trends. We also benefit from professional training, which contributes to the expansion of our company in Poland and Germany.
The team you can trust
Norbert Moraczewski
Co-founder / President

Co-founder and President of Alufab Sp. z o. o., holding the title Msc. Real Estate Investment and Finance. He is an active developer and entrepreneur with 14 years of real estate experience in Germany and Poland. He acted as CEO for German investment entities and as a Partner he created organizational structures for foreign investors entering the Polish market. In Alufab he focuses mainly on coordinating business development and financial management of the company.

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Krzysztof Morawski
Technical Director

Technical Director at Alufab sp. z o. o., mechanical engineer and builder. For 25 years, he has been creating architectural elements of buildings, which are aluminium joinery products. Already while completing his studies, he knew that he wanted to create, carry out unconventional projects, invent and create new solutions. During his career, he has co-created many projects both in Poland and in our western and eastern neighbours. At Alufab, he coordinates and supervises processes related to the production department, as well as controls the orders in process and provides technical support to customers.

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Gaurav Garg
Co-founder / President

Co-founder and advisor of Alufab sp. z o.o., construction machinery engineer and master engineer in technology. He was a researcher at the Institute of Materials Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. Since 2009 he has been running companies in the construction, industrial and new technology sectors. In addition, he also created his own network of long-term care homes operating in Germany. At Alufab, he currently advises on technical solutions for projects and the optimisation of management processes within the company.

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Why have we decided to undertake CSR activities?
We take responsibility for our actions.
Corporate social responsibility is defined as a concept whereby
companies voluntarily take account of social and environmental
social interests and environmental protection. We would like Alufab
company would like to be associated with socially responsible business, therefore, we care for
harmonious coexistence with the natural environment and we take all
We take all measures to minimise the impact of our production on the environment.
Long-term cooperation with
By conducting our business, we contribute to the popularisation of pro-ecological ideas. We would like our practices to be an inspiration for our clients (also for our competitors), at the same time providing them with achievable solutions, which will help protect the environment.

Therefore, by improving the quality of our services and products, Alufab supports the activities of the company, thanks to which we plant trees that produce oxygen and help fight global warming.
Our customers also contribute to the actions taken by Alufab for the benefit of our planet and support ecological
activity, because each product ordered from us is another tree planted, which produces in a year as much
year as much oxygen as a human being consumes in 2 years.
We appreciate every purchase and plant trees on behalf of our customers.
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