Sliding systems
for your home.
Alufab offers a range of terrace and balcony doors that will highlight the architectural character of your home.
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of sliding systems.
Let more air into your living room.

Terrace and balcony doors not only provide natural light to rooms, they also connect rooms or conservatories with the outside environment.

These systems enable very good contact with the surroundings, and in the open position they do not take up space inside the room, which additionally increases the comfort of their use.

Product specifications
Smooth sliding
High-quality window and door systems are designed to ensure smooth opening and closing of the sash.
Flexibility of application
These systems are designed both for complete concealment in the building wall and for mounting the sash in the classic manner.
Thermal resistance
They are durable, resistant to external factors and protected against moisture and cold.

Sliding doors to any size.

These systems are among the best performing products meeting all the requirements for this group of products. The construction of profiles allows exclusive large size doors to be made, filled with single or double glazing.

The materials and technical solutions used in them help achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection. These properties make the system ideal for use in single-family dwellings as well as comfortable flats or hotels.

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