Window and door systems
with high thermal insulation
Our energy-efficient aluminium windows are made with the unique technology of Schuco, Aluprof, Aliplast, Yawal - the leading manufacturers of aluminium profiles in Europe.
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of window and door systems.
High heat resistance.

Our offer includes, among others, thermal windows in which aerogel – a material with excellent thermal insulation properties – has been used. These are extremely durable and balanced windows, which can be large structures.

This product has excellent parameters, giving the possibility to satisfy various needs of users. These systems make it possible to create extravagant windows ideal for people who dream of an impressive effect and the highest functionality.

Product specifications
Thermal resistance
Our windows provide striking design and optimum protection against the cold with a sensational heat transfer coefficient.
Energy saving
Energy-efficient windows are highly efficient and functional products, made in accordance with current standards and norms, which at the same time add elegance and chic to the house.
Colour options
They are available in many colours and shades. Detail and ornament matter to us, which is why we put the finishing touches to every decoration, ornament and accent - glazing, ornamental glass, fanlights/lighting.
Energy saving
On request, we adjust all parameters. You can easily adapt them to your needs
and the architect's ideas.

A striking and effective entrance to your home.

The exterior door systems are made of the highest quality aluminium and combine elegant classics with modern design. They provide excellent thermal protection and insulation.

Aluminium external doors are made on the best profiles of leading manufacturers of aluminium profiles in Europe and tailored to customer needs. The so-called aerogel used in them provides excellent thermal insulation.

Precision craftsmanship as the basis for quality.

In a functional, durable and precise manner, we manufacture various thicknesses of built-in profiles, combining the elegance of aluminium, its extraordinary durability, resistance to corrosion, deformation and burglary with an excellent thermal conductivity coefficient.

Due to the high strength of the excellent material, which is aluminium, they can be used to create absolutely anything and in any size, achieving an outstanding effect. The Alufab entrance door is an excellent product in every respect.

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