Ensure your safety with our
fire protection system.
Fire walls, smoke ventilation windows and smoke-proof doors are solutions which, thanks to technological progress, can protect people's health and lives.
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of fire protection systems.
Double fire safety.

Our offer includes smoke ventilation and fire protection systems, which allow for the construction of various elements responsible for the organisation of fire zones in buildings and guaranteeing appropriate conditions for evacuating people.

The above solutions include products that are structurally related to a group of window and door systems as well as those based on façade transom systems.

Safety and design in one.

The range of these solutions includes both products structurally related to the group of window and door systems, as well as those based on mullion and transom façade systems, ensuring the highest fire safety and optical enlargement of the building.

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Aluminium window and door systems enjoy the greatest popularity in the implementation of our projects, however, the offer of Alufab solutions, also includes a whole range of products of various structure and external appearance, including a number of individual solutions:
Facades aluminium and glass facades
Aluminum woodwork openings
Elements architecture interiors
Walls partitions
Shop windows and showcases
Doors and showcases fire protection
Cashier boxes
Construction staircases and lifts
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